P. 413 Review and discuss

1.      XHTML and HTML5 are being developed and working with the W3C.

2.      Code is developed, then reviewed. If changes are needed, then they are implemented, and the code is resubmitted for review again.

3.      Internet browsers need to adopt the code and ensure that it functions as desired on their browser. People designing the web pages to be displayed need to ensure that they are following the standards set by the W3C.

4.      Web accessibility initiative works with W3C to ensure that all web content is able to be viewed and accessed by those with disabilities.

5.      Perceivable, operable, understandable, robust.

6.      WCAG is federally enforced and W3C is a set of guidelines that should be followed but don’t always need to be.

7.      Users come to expect websites to function in a way where they have been accepted as best use in the past. Users expect a website to function how they always have and look the way that has been accepted as the standard way. So menu bars should be either on the left side of the page or along the top in tabs, information as to what site your own should be along the top, usually in a logo or banner of some kind. Every page should be able to return to the index or home page.

8.      Make sure that your page contains words that people are searching for since this information is included in the meta-data that is used to search by a search engine. The content still needs to make sense but adding specific worlds may increase search result optimization. Google analytics is one way to help find out about your website and how its being searched using google which is the top search engine.

9.      Ensure that the website contains words that are probably being searched for when people are trying to find your website. Use google analytics to help improve your search results for your website.

10.   Search engine optimization should be used when its vitally important that your business gets visits through a search engine. This is a great way to get more people to visit your website but a business such as a restaurant wouldn’t be in dire need to have people visiting their website since its not where they do business and only provides information to those who do not know about it. It could certainly increase business but probably not enough to justify hiring someone to keep search results higher since most people go to restaurants based on word of mouth or already knowing about the restaurant.

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