ITS 364 - CH21

P. 480 Review and discuss

1.      A presentation designed to be browsed by an individual would run through like a video. It should answer all possible questions so these questions and answers may be included in it since it doesnít have a way for the viewer to ask questions. One delivered by a speaker should allow for questions at some point and should not be read exactly off of whatís on the slides.

2.      The advantages are that the presentation done live can allow for more adaptability by allowing for questions that the audience may be wondering. On a kiosk the video should be short to allow the viewer to view the presentation without sitting at the kiosk for an extended period of time.

3.      An interactive kiosk should be able to take some sort of input such as a selection of what kind of store the viewer is looking for at a mall. A passive kiosk would run the presentation on loop and should be able to answer questions without having the viewer have to wait more then a few minutes to get the information they need.

4.      With passive kiosks the creator must consider how long the audience will likely stay at the kiosk viewing the video and put relevant information in a short loop to answer questions without the question being asked directly. With active kiosks the creator must consider what the viewer will likely be asking which is pretty easy at the most commonly used instance which is in a mall where people are looking for certain stores or where to eat and how far away they are from the kiosk.

5.      The primary purpose is to convey information to the audience.

6.      Language issues, cultural differences, using simple English to appeal to all audience members.

7.      Timing can allow the more important topics to be discussed more. Movement can allow for the audience to feel more engaged. Bad lighting is the main issue because you donít really want to be speaking if the room is dark. This is usually done when the speaker begins playing a video for the audience to engage more in the video.

8.      If the resolution is too high then it may be hard to see text on the projector in the presentation. It may also slow down the transitions when on a projector then when compared to being displayed on a computer.

9.      Putting the presentation on a CD using package presentation will add all the required files on the CD so that the presentation will be able to be displayed without the computer it is displayed on having the software required to open the slideshow file.

10.   Having the presentation saved as a video allows the presentation to be displayed without the user having the powerpoint program installed on their computer. The file size of the video can be edited to allow for easy downloading or having the presentation fit on a certain size flash drive, CD or DVD.

P. 480 Applications