ITS 364 - CH22

P. 504 Review and discuss

1.      Email lets you send messages to a large group of people or certain groups that are set up for certain types of emails. They allow adding on files which can be used to easily send files to a wide group of people.

2.      Email is convenient and always free as far as Iíve seen. I think AOL used to have a price back in the day but thatís been overridden by gmail, yahoo mail, and Hotmail and business email email accounts.

3.      Email can help save the environment by eliminating recycling need for regular main and by delivering messages digitally.

4.      A SMS is a small text message that is sent between phones to communicate quickly and easily without taking the entire attention away from the sender or receiver.

5.      Cloud computing is useful because it doesnít require downloading software and nearly everything that the average person uses a computer for can be accomplished within a web app.

6.      Cloud storage is a better option for file sharing because it doesnít have limits of about 10mb per email attachment like most email providers set. Most files these days are larger than 10mb unless itís just a low-res picture or a document for school.

7.      Social networking is a website that has a list of friends and lets them communicate with the profile owner. Tweeting is a way of posting a short text message of a limited amount of characters to tell the followers of the user what that person is doing or thinking about at that time. Itís a way of putting your opinion out into the world also.

8.      It allows a group of people to create a conference without having them all in the same location. So, someone can be on vacation or deployed and communicate with people from home or other business leaders. This allows for management without needed to have everyone in the same location.

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