ITS 364 - CH23

P. 519 Review and discuss

1.      There are four stages of team development. They are forming, storming, norming, and performing. Forming consist of the team members come together and form ideas. Storming is when they begin solving problems and how. Norming is they come together to agree upon that needs to happen. And lastly, performing is when these ideas are implemented, and the team begins accomplishing its objectives.

2.      A team charter is used to determine goals, and values and how the team will function.

3.      Effective team communication is necessary to keep the team on track and keep everyone happy and ensure that no one falls behind on their work.

4.      Team building activities are a way of bringing the team together to learn about one another and build trust and possibly friendship which can help increase productivity and increase morale.

5.      A team meeting should consist of bringing up goals and acknowledging which ones have been met or accomplished. There should always be someone speaking and usually it should be the leadership of the team and they should be taking input from the others as to what can be done to improve the productivity of the team.

6.      The most frequent ways to reach an agreement is majority rules and consensus building. Consensus requires all or nearly all members to agree with the decision such as a jury hearing. Majority rules requires that the majority of the members agree with the decision but not all.

7.      There are online resources like the office applications which allow groups to participate on a powerpoint or word document without meeting up using the internet.

8.      A client should be able to handle whatever piece of the project is given to them. A project manager must be able to manage the clients and make sure that they contribute their part of the project and donít get behind on their work. A project manage should also be able to lead by example in order to get the most out of their clients.

9.      A producer is responsible for the project. The user interface designer is responsible for the graphical part of the project.

10.   QA should be testing to ensure that the project works on all devices and that the project is being written in a way that everyone can understand the other memberís part of the project so that everything works together seamlessly.

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