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ITS 364 – CH3

P. 62 Review and discuss

1.       The two different types are drawing programs and raster-based paint programs. Paint programs are made up of a grid where each pixel is set to a certain color and they all together make up and image created by the user. Drawing programs make lines into shapes  which can be changed without skewing the drawing.

2.       A raster- based Graphic is similar to drawing by hand but some software lets you zoom in and edit pixels individually which can be useful when making a picture look as clean as possible as with photoshop.

3.       A vector-based graphic can be useful if you need to make shapes and they need to not be distorted by changing them after they are placed. The lines are created more based on the mathematics then by the user which can create straighter lines and can be edited without compromising the original intention to the design.

4.       Cloud computing can offer the average person access to things they normally may not have access to. Be it cloud storage that they may not have a thumb drive on them to save a document. Or it could be the icloud services which has a word processor, a spreadsheet program, and access to keynote to make or display slideshow presentations without having your own personal laptop. There’re many different ways that cloud computing can benefit the average person. This disadvantages are that the internet is required to access cloud computing and it only allows simple based applications currently but it could allow access to much more advanced computer systems that are not always being used to be used.

5.       Because certain file types have certain requirements and certain software, or applications may only use a certain type of file type so it needs to have the right file extension. Like an icon on a phone is usually something simple like a .gif.

6.       .bmp, .tif, .jpg, .png

7.       EPS is commonly used for printing and contains a screen preview embedded in the file, SVG is open source and are created using HTML. SVG is commonly used in mobile devices.

8.       Images are usually compressed to save storage space because many of the points of data store in them and similar so there are ways to store the same data in a smaller size.

9.       Lossy describes when the file can be fully recovered when the file is uncompressed and lossless means that every bit of data from the original file remains when the file is uncompressed, so every bit of data is recovered when it is uncompressed.

10.   When you choose to resample, you can alter the dimensions of the image. If one value is changed then all the others are effected since they are all connected to the size, resolution and dimensions of the image.

P.63 Applications

File Format

Acronym stands for


Type of program






A close up of a sign

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Tagged Image File Format




Graphic Interchange Format



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Joint Photographic Experts Group



A picture containing printer, electronics

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Portable Network Graphics



A picture containing object

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Shockwave Flash





Encapsulated PostScipt





Scalable Vector Graphic



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