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P.88 Review and discuss

1.       Digital storage has replaced film in storing images on cameras. The advantage is that the image is instantly available without processing the image in a light room and Film could have been ruined if exposed to light incorrectly. Digital storage also allows for many more photographs to be stored over film because of the incredibly small amount of space it takes up. This also allows for the cameras to become smaller.

2.       Digital cameras can increase the chance of taking the perfect picture because they can take pictures at very fast rates and you can choose which of the burst images you like the best rather than relying on a single picture being taken individually.

3.       SLR cameras are more professional and can take much large photographs and can use special lenses for certain scenarios. A point-and-shoot camera is a camera that is easy to carry around and readily available without all the settings of a SLR camera, so it is simplified so that anyone can easily use the camera and get quality results.

4.       It allows the camera user to quickly skip through photos to find the one their looking for more quickly.

5.       Digital zoom means that the image is being increased using software and taking a portion of what the maximum resolution the camera and using that portion to generate the desired image. This always results in an image that is less than what the camera can produce at its top settings without zooming. Optical zooming is when an image is increased in size but without loosing and of the cameras maximum photo settings. Optical zoom is better than digital zoom but increases the size of the camera so each one serves its own purpose.

6.       A megapixel is every 1 million pixels. So, 4000 x 3000 is a common resolution that produces 12 megapixels. It is important because if you have a camera that can take 24 megapixels then each corner can produce an image that is 12 megapixels. The more pixels then the more detail in the image.

7.       An Image for a web page may be saved as a JPG with 640x480 resolution because the website needs images to be smaller in size to have them load more quickly by a browser. This would increase the speed for the user accessing the website and provides images that are of good quality.

8.       Saving an image as a RAW filetype would allow for the image to be saved without any loss of data and allows for editing of images with the maximum available data available. Many cameras can save in both RAW and JPG format at the same time so this may be an option if you want your pictures to be more flexible but will cause the storage to be filled more quickly since no data is lost and two images of each photograph are being stored.

9.       Keep the lens clean by using a soft cloth designed especially for camera lenses, keep the lens cap on or the shutter closed when not using the camera, and beware of dropping the camera even from a short distance such as onto a counter. For safety, donít shoot directly into the sun, donít walk while looking through the viewport to avoid tripping over or running into obstacles, be careful with camera batteries: donít store them where they come in contact with each other and donít handle batteries that appear to be leaking.

10.   Composition is incredibly important in photography because it involved many guidelines for how an image should be composed to allow for easy viewing and helping the viewer know where to look and what to look at.

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