P. 134 Review and discuss

1.       The zoom tool lets you increase the size of the pixels and increase the size of the image to make editing small parts of the image easier.

2.       The hand tool lets you move objects around on the image within the layer that you are working with.

3.       The foreground color is used to paint or fill, and the background color is used to make gradient fills and fill in erased areas of the image.

4.       This selection tool is called the rectangular marquee. It lets you from a rectangle by selecting a beginning and ending anchor point.

5.       The best too to use for an oddly shaped area is the lasso tool which lets you draw exactly where you want to select.

6.       There are many selection tools that can select certain areas depending on the situation. The lasso is one of the described earlier and there’s other forms of it like the magnetic lasso. The magic wand tool lets you select an area and surrounding area that has a similar color to a certain tolerance. The best tool for this situation depends on the scenario.

7.       Feathering which works creates a border along edges that gradually fades into the background. Another is anti-aliasing which softens the color and blends them along the selected edges.

8.       Tolerance determines how precisely the magic wand works

9.       Quick mask mode lets you change the selection using the brush tool

10.   Highlights are the lightest parts of the image, shadows are the darkest part of the image, and mid-tones are the blends of colors in the middle.

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