P. 156 Review and discuss

1.       Raster graphics are created using a grid made up of pixels. Vector graphics are used by points and creating shapes.

2.       The advantages of vector graphics is that you can get cleaner lines on curved edges. It is used primarily to create things like logos and other images that are created using shapes and they can be easily edited by moving points.

3.       Paths in vector images are the lines between two points in a vector image.

4.       Anchor points are points within a vector graphic that make up the image.

5.        Handles are points on the bounding box that lets the image be transformed when they are moved inward or outward.

6.       Points are what can be edited in vector graphics to edit the shapes. The shapes consist of many points that create paths to create lines.

7.       Objects are collections of points that make up part of the image.

8.       A bounding box is the area around a vector graphic where it can be transformed by moving the points on the bounding box.

9.       The direct selection tool lets you grab and edit individual anchor points the selection tool lets you grab and select the entire object

10.   The pen tool can be used to add or remove anchor points along a segment with a single click.

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