P. 180 Review and discuss

1.       Typeface is more a description of all the elements of a font being used together to create text and font is more how each individual letter is designed.

2.       Serif has more basic writing without additional elements added on to characters, sans serif has extra elements added to make the wording appear more formal and fancier.

3.       Baseline lines up wording to that everything lines up evenly. Descender is the part of the character that falls below the baseline. Ascender is the part of a lowercase character that goes above the x-height.

4.       Certain types of typefaces can demonstrate a certain tone like formality or informality.

5.       They can differ in size because of how the character are defined and certain ones can be displayed larger because of the way the character are composed.

6.       For displaying emphasis, the best options are the 3 most commonly used styles of bold, underline or italics. Using them too much should be avoided on only used when emphasis is required.

7.       Tracking is the space between ever character in text. Kerning and leading are the spaces in between certain characters. Changing the tracking may make the text more readable when the text is of a large size in order to space things out evenly to fill up the space and leave some whitespace to balance the text out.

8.       Centering would be the type of paragraph alignment to help prevent words being broken by a new line. It may not be appropriate for certain kinds of images or writing because it looks odd when all the text is aligned in middle and there’s a lot of space on the left or right sides.

9.       Drop caps I think are only appropriate in books because its something that I’ve seen in many books but anywhere else it just looks award and out of place.


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