P. 206 Review and discuss

1.       Advantages of using photos from your own camera would be that you are familiar with the camera and hopefully its capabilities. You wouldn’t need to worry about having the camera be damaged where you have to pay for the replacement/repairs. The disadvantages are that you may be limited to the capabilities of what your camera can do and not be able to take advantage of other camera capabilities.

2.       Two possible scenarios where photos may be needed is for a school project or putting together a collage. Stock photos would be possible for a school project but taking your own would most likely be more realistic because stock photographs are usually not free. If you pay for something like adobe creative cloud, then adobe stock images may be available for free since you’d be paying for the service already. When making a collage you usually want a bunch of photos that you took yourself, so stock photography doesn’t really assist you in making a project such as that.

3.       For an image used on the web the image should be a .jpg and be small since it needs to load quickly on anyone’s computer. For an image used in print publishing the photos should be of a good size or resolution and not resized to be larger since it will likely cause pixilation unless it’s a vector image.

4.       The things done by stock photographers to ensure their images are not misused is to allow it to be displayed on the website in a low resolution that was if its blown up the image will be severely pixelated. Another thing is watermarking or putting symbols into the image to prevent misuse and a way to prove that the image was used illegally.

5.       Screenshots are usually used on phones to take images of applications and pictures to be shared with someone. In tutorial documentation screenshots are edited to add directions as to how to complete a task in a step by step process.

6.       Its good to use a scanned image when the document is legally able to be used. Either is your intellectual property or its within the limit of fair use copyright laws.

7.       Royalty free media is usually able to be used for free without referring to the creator. Sometimes they may require this though and, in the description, or somewhere are the video is displayed credit should be given to the creator of the content.

8.       Right managed licenses allow a piece of intellectual property to be used within certain guidelines such as how times the media can be used. Royalty free is used non-commercially usually and doesn’t require the user to give credit to the creator unless specified.

9.       It may be best to resize in a raster program because once the image in produced raster imaged get pixelated when they are enlarged but if its done before the image is created then the image can be resampled to help make the resizing produce a quality piece of work.

10.   Resampling allows for resizing where the image isn’t distorted or pixelated. Down sampling is when the image is downsized which can also create pixilation since the image is losing pixels when down-sizing. With down sampling it should be done in a way where it doesn’t cause too much pixilation. Up sampling is the same thing but increasing the size of the image and trying to prevent pixilation also.


P. 207 Applications

My family moved to Wisconsin when I was in about to start my sophomore year of high school.  I like to go shooting at the range, capturing videos with my drone or camera, fishing, video games, and just hanging out with friends. My goals are to finish creating my own business and making a potential career out of one of my hobbies. I have already been making some money doing it using a webpage portal designed to provide drone work easy to find for both the consumer and commercial pilot. I took a test by the FAA that costs $150 to attempt and passed it on the first attempt. It required a lot of studying to prepare myself not because the test was difficult but because its not common knowledge or skill that most people have. It involves reading sectional charts and weather reports used by pilots. I have a good amount of work to do to start the business the way I want it started. I want to ensure I have quality examples before going to real estate companies to offer a few initial flights and to do business regularly if they like the production. I also want to start creating good stock videos that will sell on stock websites to create a good stream of passive income which can hopefully offset any delays in work with the drone business since the work may be irregular. Next summer I hope to not need to work and I will finish completing my goals hopefully by then.