ITS 230 Ė MD10

P. 36 T/F and matching


1.      T

2.      F

3.      T

4.      T

5.      T

6.      F

7.      T

8.      T

9.      F

10.   F

11.   T

12.   T



1.      F.

2.      H.

3.      G.

4.      I.

5.      J.


6.      D.

7.      A.

8.      B.

9.      E.

10.   C.


P. 37 Problem solving

2. The router may only have a 5ghz connection and your phone may have the hardware to connect to a 5ghz connection. You may need to be closer to the hotspot or router distributing the wireless signal.

3. The brothers Bluetooth connection may be being used for audio because it has higher priority based on how it was set up within the carís settings. Cars usually have an order to connect to devices since the ownerís connection is usually more important.

4.The internet provider may be experiencing issues, or the local users may be increasing their network usage decreasing your individual bandwidth.

9. Make sure the connections are showing in the connection settings of the OS. If it isnít and the lights appear to be correct then a new wireless card or USB may be needed.

5. WiFi is limited on its range and in a big house this can be a problem. Most routers these days are dual band and put out both a 2.4ghz and a 5ghz connection where the 5ghz connection is faster but has a smaller coverage area. The 2ghz connection can reach further but is limited on the speed being provided. Itís a balance that can be solved with repeaters or nodes to increase the coverage of WiFi signal.


P. 40-41 Internet research