ITS 230 Ė MD11

P. 43 T/F and matching


1.      T

2.      T

3.      T

4.      T

5.      T

6.      F

7.      T

8.      T

9.      T

10.   F

11.   F

12.   T



1.      G.

2.      H.

3.      I.

4.      A.

5.      B.


6.      F.

7.      C.

8.      E.

9.      J.

10.   D.


P. 44 Problem solving

1. Be less picky and remove things that are limiting the search. Being less specific allows more results and being more specific reduces the amount of results. You have to find some sort of middle ground to be able to find what youíre looking for and what is also available.

2. You may not have noticed the sales have expired or the coupons are expired. They also may have the price listed wrong and it hasnít come to their attention yet so telling them will likely get the price reduced for you at least and hopefully for everyone following you as long as it is actually on sale.

3. The webpage wasnít formatted for a mobile device and the creator didnít take that into consideration that a web page may be opened on many types of devices.

6. Either shorten the street using acceptable abbreviations or change the programming if its possible to take more character entries for that entry.

8. The databaseís server may be down and the web app isnít working because of that. There could also be virus settings that are limiting connections to the database server but I think this is much less likely.


P. 47-48 Internet research