ITS 230 MD12

P. 29 T/F and matching


1.      F

2.      T

3.      T

4.      F

5.      F

6.      F

7.      T

8.      F

9.      T

10.   F

11.   T

12.   T



1.      H.

2.      B.

3.      C.

4.      J.

5.      D.


6.      I.

7.      E.

8.      G.

9.      A.

10.   F.


P. 29 Problem solving

1. Training, Computers, Electronics, Assisting, Software, Help, Clients.

6. Watching youtube videos on the newest computers and accessories coming out for them. Learning on your own about all of the specifics of computers to be informed for when people ask about the specifications.

9. Experience is usually more useful then a certification because certifications only require the bare minimum to be qualified to use a certain type of software or language.

8. What kind of previous work experience of personal experience do they have? Have you ever been in a leadership position? What kinds of systems have you worked on prior?

4. I would wait a bit because the first job offer came in quickly and see if there are any better options.


P. 32-33 Internet research