Matthew Holcomb

ITS 230 - MD2

P.42 T/F

1. T

2. F

3. T

4. F

5. T

6. T

7. T

8. F

9. T

10. T

11. T

12. F


P.43 Problem Solving

2. You can either just keep denying or if you want them to hopefully stop then you can check your privacy settings and see who has visibility of your account and your posts. If they’re available to everyone then start making some restrictions to limit who can see your posts or profile.

7. More than likely the email program will only send automatic responses once within a period of time because just one should inform the sender of the situation and they should not continue sending message until the receiver is back and has a chance to respond to the first.

6. There are multiple way a business can track what websites are accessed on their computers. Either they can have specialized software that records the history and is only accessible by the ones who monitor the activity. Another option is to just look at the web browsers history and it would give the time each webpage was accessed. A good way to go about responding is to state what was described in the problem if the statements are true. If they are not true, then they should just admit what they did and apologize.

3. The address bar could also be being used as a search bar and its default search engine could be set to something other than google. It would need to be changed in the settings of the browser which is usually on the top right-hand corner. Look through the browsers default search settings to prevent this from happening. Also, this shouldn’t be happening if was typed since when the browser sees the “.com” it usually does not search and directs you to the website.

9. Ensure that the mobile hotspot is turned on. Smartphones are programmed to save battery life so constantly putting out a signal that isn’t being connected to is a waste of power. The phone will shut down a mobile hotspot when there has been no activity for a certain period. If the problem still continues then its likely a problem with the phone.


P.46-47 Searching skills problem #5

                Sharing the documents allow for instant updates to the saved states so you don’t need to check your email before you start working on the document. It allows for faster collaboration or possibly even simultaneous collaboration on a project. The desktop versions of office apps are always going to have more features because it doesn’t require the application to be downloaded. This limits the capability of the application but opens its use to more users that don’t own their own computers and cannot download applications on whatever computers they can use such as in a library or on campus. The cloud-based versions also allow for storage of the files in a place where the user can access the files from any computer that has internet access which is basically all computers and smartphones these days.