Matthew Holcomb

ITS 230 – MD3

P. 40 T/F and matching


1.       T

2.       F

3.       F

4.       F

5.       F

6.       F

7.       T

8.       T

9.       F

10.   F

11.   T

12.   T



1.       G

2.       B

3.       H

4.       J

5.       D


6.       A

7.       I

8.       F

9.       C

10.   E


P. 43 Problem solving

1.  There are a few options. Running disk clean up and disk fragmentation would be two system utilities that can be used. Another option would be using some software to further clean up hard disk space. Next cheapest option would be to upgrade components in the computer be it the ram or hard drive to a solid-state drive. The next and most expensive option to buy a new computer with a solid-state drive installed because it will greatly decrease load times and the OS boot up time.

6. removing the case which traps in heat is one possible option. Another would be to check and see if there are a lot of background applications running on the phone which would cause the processor to be working more often. Another thing to check is if the phone has an always on display which shouldn’t drain much power to keep on but it’s something to try.

2. The way to resolve this would be to go into your bank and correct the credit to the account because they’re likely going to discover the mistake anyways. If you use online banking, then it would be best to call them and do the same thing over the phone.

4. In this case its likely a faulty battery being lithium ion batteries always degrade over time and its usually cause by overcharging or cold weather. Currently most phones don’t allow the phone to be overcharged so upgrading to a new phone or changing out the battery are the best possible options.

10. This is a mistake in good planning. You should be aware of the ports on your laptop and which ones you can use and what cords you have to use the different ports. The only thing I could suggest is asking someone that may have the cords required to connect to a projector. The standard ones that everyone typically has is the VGA cable or a HDMI but those are not always the cases anymore because there are a lot of different options such as mini display port, VGA, HDMI, USB, USB type-C, and DVI.



P. 46-47 Internet research

1.  a.

I visited and They offer slightly reduced prices and occasional sales on amazon especially on older versions of their eBook readers. The advantages of shopping online is that you don’t need to go into a store and you can research and browse on your own time and you can save the listing and wait and see if it ends up having a reduced price in the future. Usually they offer a return policy if its within a determined period of time. I purchase a lot of stuff off amazon because of the convenience and the availability of basically any product that I see and want to purchase.

b. I searched for a sign card of Jeff Gordon because I have one I was curious of the price. Its pretty low and under 5 dollars for most cards I saw. I looked at one listed for about 20 being sold by goteverything*09 and there are 0 bids on it. I also looked up a signed michael Jordon card because I believe I also have one of those and I only saw one listed for 50 dollars sold by slice44 and it also has no bids on it.