Matthew Holcomb

ITS 230 Ė MD4

P. 42 T/F and matching


1.       F

2.       T

3.       F

4.       T

5.       T

6.       F

7.       T

8.       T

9.       T

10.   T

11.   T

12.   F



1.       C

2.       G

3.       A

4.       F

5.       H


6.       I

7.       J

8.       B

9.       E

10.   D


P. 43 Problem solving

1. Reinstalling the software may solve the problem. Restarting the computer may solve the problem.

2. This usually requires using a backup to restore files to how they where when the system was working. If the system boots to the OS but doesnít complete the OS boot up then its likely a problem in the files. Doing a repair or restore are the two best options.

3. sometimes when installing one if you accept doing the recommended install there may be additional programs installed on the computer. Also some programs require other software in order to run.

8. One option is to try uninstalling applications and reinstalling them on a backup hard-drive if it is available. Another option is to just remove either unwanted files or unwanted applications. Disk cleanup can free up a small amount of space by getting rid of files that most people wont miss.

6. The cables may be loose, or the cable may be faulty. I would try replacing them with another one and if the issue remains then I would think it would be the internet connection that may not be keeping up. If a Wi-Fi router is being used then it may be providing a slow internet speed, this also brings up the fact that you may be in a location that doesnít get a good signal which can greatly degrade the internet signal.


P. 46-47 Internet research

2. Many of the games on facebook seem to be ones that originated on mobile devices. Ones including word with friends, draw something, and candy matching games. Most of them seem to be simple games that you can pick up and play for a few minutes or so or even go on playing for hours if you donít have anything going on. A lot seem to also be board and card games that are usually social games that you can play online now with people across the internet. Iíve never really played ones on a social media site because I used to just play these kinds of games on my phone when I was bored. Lately I find other things to do now though so I havenít played anything like this in a long time.