ITS 230 Ė MD6

P. 29 T/F and matching


1.      T

2.      F

3.      F

4.      T

5.      F

6.      T

7.      F

8.      F

9.      F

10.   T

11.   F

12.   T



1.      C

2.      G

3.      I

4.      B

5.      F


6.      H

7.      D

8.      A

9.      E

10.   J


P. 30 Problem solving

1. I would look at the connector and find out which kind is needed, DVI, HDMI, VGA, or many others. Since most people probably donít know what they are then I would research it if I didnít know or ask someone that is familiar. There are convertors that go on the end of the cable to use a different type of port. Like DVI to HDMI or DVI to VGA are two common converters.

3. I would order a replacement fan and replace it if it is the only one in the back. Sometimes they have extra ones and as long as the computer isnít running too hot then it could be okay with 1 fan not working. If youíre not familiar with how to change a fan, then id watch on YouTube but itís a very simple and easy task to do without any real guidance.

4. If a smartphone was forgotten then going back to the last place it was seen or used is the first thing that should be done and asking if anyone found it. If you cannot find it that way then most smartphones can be tracked through GPS if the phone had battery life and is connected to a network. Tracking is the only other way to try and retrieve the phone.

6. There are a few ways, looking at the operating systems min requirements is one way to see roughly how much RAM your computer should have. Another way is to just push ctrl + alt + delete and open up the task manager and change to the performance tab and see how much RAM is being used and if its all of it most of the time then upgrading would probably be a good idea.

8. The hard drive could be broken, the USB port could not be working properly, it may be formatted in the wrong file system such as NTSF for windows but this one works fine on both operating systems.


P. 33-34 Internet research

2. I have an account on the Dodge website from when I purchased a 2013 Dodge Dart. There is an owner section but everything besides this section involves talking about the cars, finding a dealer, buying merchandise, and different ways to search for a car. There was also a survey that popped up to get the users opinion on the website to make the website better. Accounts are only supposed to be created if youíre an owner to track information about your vehicle or search for merchandise specifically for the vehicle you own. The ownerís garage also has a lot of pictures from people who own dodge vehicles and from events where an album of photos can be found about the specific event.