ITS 230 MD7

P. 40 T/F and matching


1.      T

2.      T

3.      T

4.      F

5.      F

6.      F

7.      T

8.      T

9.      F

10.   F

11.   F

12.   T



1.      G.

2.      F.

3.      D.

4.      E.

5.      J.


6.      C.

7.      I.

8.      A.

9.      B.

10.   H.


P. 41 Problem solving

2. There could be internet connectivity problems that is causing the video to start rebuffering. Improving the internet speed or opening ports on a router would probably be two things that could help this problem.

3. It would most likely be that you are not touching both fingers to the screen at the same time. This would cause a click and cause the second finger to touch to drag the item.

4. Most likely the power saving settings are set to dim the screen when on battery power in order to save battery life. This would likely be noticed when the cord is pulled out of the computer, but it may be set to dim more when the battery is running low.

10. Someone most likely changed the settings for the primary display. That or the secondary monitor may not be working so it automatically changed the main display to the one that is working.

8. Usually multiple fingers are set up to prevent this sort of problem. Try using alternative fingers and see if they were set up. If not, there is usually another back up where you can input a pin number or password in case something like this happens.


P. 44-45 Internet research