ITS 230 Ė MD8

P. 43 T/F and matching


1.      F

2.      F

3.      T

4.      F

5.      F

6.      F

7.      T

8.      T

9.      T

10.   F

11.   F

12.   F



1.      C.

2.      D.

3.      A.

4.      B.

5.      J.


6.      H.

7.      I.

8.      E.

9.      F.

10.   G.


P. 44 Problem solving

1. It may be formatted for NTFS which is the standard file system for windows. You probably need to reformat it for one that works for both or just Mac OS since you are using it on a Mac.

3. Find an SD card reader since they usually have the two most common types of digital camera memory card slots. Thereís also a micro to standard SD card converter that can be used since a micro SD is most likely what the camera uses.

4. You may have put them into the wrong drive since a lot of people seem to be confused as to how to tell which one is which one. This is the most likely thing that happened since files donít usually just disappear.

5. Purchase an external DVD/CD drive. This is the only option unless there is a digital copy of it you can download instead of using the disk.

9. Check with whoever issued you the RFID card because the battery may have died, or it may need to be reprogrammed. It could have also gotten broken since they are not indestructible.


P. 47-48 Internet research

3. Image search

RFID Tag 400 x 400

External DVD drive

Internal Hard drive

Person holding SD card



The images were not too difficult to find but the transparent DVD drive and internal hard drive labeled for non-commercial re-use where the two more difficult ones. Finding an RFID tag at extactly 400 by 400 pixels wasnít the easiest thing either to find. There was a website that let you download one to the exact specifications needed but I didnít want to make an account.