ITS 230 Ė MD9

P. 30 T/F and matching


1.      F

2.      F

3.      T

4.      F

5.      T

6.      T

7.      T

8.      T

9.      T

10.   F

11.   F

12.   F



1.      H.

2.      I.

3.      J.

4.      F.

5.      B.


6.      E.

7.      G.

8.      D.

9.      C.

10.   A.


P. 31 Problem solving

1. First of all type the password in slowly to ensure that no mistakes are being made, check to make sure that caps lock is not on, and if those donít work then contact someone who may administer the computer that youíre trying to log in. if itís a personal computer then youíd need to try and get the password correct or else youíd have to crack the OS which can be a difficult task. If this isnít possible then the last option is to get a fresh install of the OS.

2. The file that is being used as the background may have been lost, if on a network they usually reset to the default browser set up by the server providing the remote client. If not these then Iím not sure because the only way it should change is if it hard to revert back to previous version for some reason or the file is no longer available to display the background anymore.

3. Thereís usually a backup copy of the old operating system and using the file that set up the new OS should let you revert to that state.

4.† Either you need administrator privileges or the administrator for the network computer may have limited the privileges of certain users so that ones can use what they need.

10.† Thereís 3 major factors that determines a computers performance. RAM, CPU, and the graphics card. Upgrading any of these can increase performance but thereís a balance because if one sucks then it will slow down the others. The graphics card is mostly just a concern when it comes to games or video playing so it isnít really a major concern unless youíre playing that type of content and its slow. If the CPU is slow then more data will have to be stored in RAM waiting for the CPU to process it. If the RAM is too small, it may not be able to hold enough while the CPU is being overloaded.† This creates a balance between the two. Another smaller concern is hard disk space because if the computerís hard drive is filled it can be slowed down by having to search through the entire volume. Usually this is only a problem with local files not showing up quickly.


P. 34-35 Internet research

1. Banking and finance

†††††††††††††† I chose to do my two banks which is USAA and SCCU. Both offer all the basics like online bill payment retirement accounts, and a mobile banking app. No fees for online bill pay and the app. Retirement accounts vary but these usually donít have any fees that Iíve seen where paying for shares in an IRA there is a min payment and some require monthly deposits to remain active. If they are not deposited then shares may be sold automatically. SCCU seems to have the best CD rates but CD are not a good investment to make money unless the rates are much higher then they are now.

†††††††††††††† Finance is really very easy, you just spend money within your means and if you donít have enough income then you find a way to increase that. You can also reduce money spent but most people wont seem to stick with that unless they do a budget and make sure to follow it since they went through the work of making one. When it comes to retirement savings the most important thing to ensure that you have money saved is to simple just put money away every month (even if itís a little). Keeping the consistency is the more important thing to ensure that you will have money saved in the future. The earlier you start that better too because the amount that can be made through interest is greatly increased.