Chapter 4: Planning for Security


4.) Use your library or the Web to find a reported natural disaster that occurred at least six months ago. From the news accounts, determine whether local or national officials had prepared disaster plans and if the plans were used. See if you can determine how the plans helped officials improve disaster response. How do the plans help the recovery?

            Superior in the last 6 months haven’t really had a natural disaster besides snow. Snow accumulation is big in our area and the city has a contingency plan for snow fall. They have plow trucks going around the hour and they are clearing roads as best as they can. But for any other disaster the city has a hazard mitigation website in place to show their practices.

2.) Search the Web for security education and training programs in your area. Keep a list and see which category has the most examples. See if you can determine the costs associated with each example. Which do you think would be more cost-effective in terms of both time and money?

            We have tons of options in our area for web security education. UWS, LSC, and UMD all offer some form of Computer Science degree but can be very expensive since college is not cheap. There are also some private companies that offer security education but are not really a training program but just businesses in the service of security.

Case Exercises

1.)    What would be the first note you wrote down if you were Charlie?

The first note I would have written down would be that everything was in flames and that the insurance could cover everything that was damaged.

2.)    What else should be on Charlie’s list?

I think that maybe some sort of back up should be done regularly, and some sort of fire prevention and steps that the business could take to prevent any sort of disaster.

3.)    Suppose Charlie encountered resistance to his plans to improve continuity planning. What appeals could he used to sway toward improved business continuity planning?

Maybe the loss of all their current work with out back up could set their business back months of work. By finding a cheap or safe way to save information in a cloud or online service they could improve the continuity planning for their business.

Ethical Decision Making

A company has the responsibility to change any policies in favor of the stakeholders so that they can keep the business profitable. A business should also always be able to cover all employees equally.