Chapter 7: Security Technology: Intrusion Detection, and Prevention Systems, and Other Security Tools


4.) Use the Internet to search for ďlive DVD security toolkit.Ē Read a few Web sites to learn about this class of tools and their capabilities. Write a brief description of a live DVD security toolkit.

Also known as a Network Security Toolkit, it is a live DVD or USB flash drive that provides a set of free and open-source computer security and networking tools to preform routine security and networking diagnostics while monitoring tasks.

5.) Several online passphrase generators are available. Locate at least two on the Internet and try them. What did you observe?

I tried two online passphrase generators and both of them had different styles of passphrases to use including 4-6 word passphrases and one word password generators. There were also tips on their websites for poor words to choose, and how to make them more secure using strings of numbers and combinations of words. There was also insight on how hackers can crack passcodes and why they need to be more complex to avoid hacking.

Discussion Questions

1.)    Do you think Miller is out of options as he pursues his vendetta? If you think he could take additional actions in his effort to damage the SLS network, what are they?

I think that Miller is out of options but Iím sure he can come up with another creative way to pursue his vendetta. Maybe DDoS attacks or another form of virus to take down their network.

2.)    Suppose a system administrator at SLS read the details of this case. What steps should he or she take to improve the companyís information security program.

If I was an administrator that read the case details, I would double check that their network is sealed tight or maybe even try to place some sort of trap to see if he is trying to hack the network. Maybe even lay out firewalls and take extensive security measures to stop any form of incoming attacks.

3.)    Consider Millerís hacking attempt in light of the intrusion kill chain described earlier and shown in Figure 7-1. At which phase in the kill chain has SLS countered his vendetta?

I feel like this happened in the exploitation phase in the kill chain where SLS countered the vendetta.

Ethical Decision Making

1.)    Would such an action by SLS be ethical?  Do you think the action would be legal?

I think that it would be ethical for SLS to protect their assets from a cyber attack and stop someone from any means to cause damage to their business. There might be more legal ways to go about what they are doing.

2.)    If the SLS intrusion system determined what Miller was doing and then added the entire range of ISP addresses to the banned list, thus stopping any user of the ISP from connecting to the SLS network, would SLSís actions be ethical?

I believe that would be an ethical action for SLS to fully stop Miller from doing actions with their networks. They fired this guy for a reason and are just being secure and safe.

3.)    What if SLS were part of an industry consortium that shared IP addresses flagged by its IDPS, and all companies in the group blocked all of the ISPís users for 10 minutes?  Would that be an ethical response by members of the consortium?  What if these users were blocked for 24 hours?

If IP addresses flagged by IDPS and then the companies blocked all ISP users for 10 minutes could be detrimental to the company because there could be lots of interruptions for a business due to this. If users were blocked for 24 hours you might as well just have everything ran on pen and paper.