Chapter 9: Physical Security


1.)    Assume that your organization is planning to have an automated server room that functions without human assistance. Such a room is often called a lights-out server room. Describe the fire control system(s) you would install in that room.

For a server room filled with computers and other hardware a fire control system is extremely important to prevent fires and stop a fire if it does happen. A Thermal detection system is important to have to read the thermal temperatures of the room to prevent overheating. Secondly smoke detection, and Air-aspirating detectors are important. A dry-pipe system would be ideal since they are in the same room with electrical equipment, and to stop a fire a gaseous emission system would be perfect to protect equipment from a fire.

5.) Define the required wattage for a UPS to be used with the following systems:

            a.) Monitor: 2 amps, CPU: 3 amps, printer: 3 amps. = 8*120 = 960 watts

            b.) Monitor: 3 amps, CPU: 4 amps, printer: 3 amps. = 10*120 = 1200 watts

            c.) Monitor: 3 amps, CPU: 4 amps, printer: 4 amps. = 11*120 = 1320 watts

Discussion Questions

1.)    Based on this case study, what security awareness measures, training documents, and posters had an impact on this event?

The poster for tailgaters and them bypassing security measures by following people, their meeting discussing this type of security, and she did all the measures that she should have taken in this situation.

2.)    Do you think that Amy should have done anything differently? What would you have done in her situation?

No Amy did everything properly in her situation. I feel like she did a great job and I would have done the same even if I would be late to a meeting and my supervisor should be understanding.

Ethical Decision Making

If Amy chose not to make a report about the event, would she be violating her ethical position?

            Yes, Amy would be violating her ethical position since she knew that person should not be there and that she let it slide since she knew him. Even if you know someone and they shouldn’t be in a building then Amy should report it regardless or at least tell them to leave immediately.