MD11Mark McClain


True/False          Mark T for True and F for False. If False, rewrite the statement so that it is True.

__T__1. In a data hierarchy, each higher level of data contains one or more items from the lower level.

__T__2. A check digit often confirms the accuracy of a primary key value.

__F__3. In a file processing system, each department or area within an organization has its own set of files.

__T__4. In a file processing system, duplicated data can increase the chance of errors.

__T__5. Many programs today use forms on a webpage as their front end.

__F__6. Database require more memory, storage, and processing power than a file processing system.

__T__7. To retrieve or select data in a database, you query it.

__T__8. Unlike a form, you use a report writer only to retrieve data.

__T__9. One way to secure a database is to allow only administrators to have access to create and delete tables.

__F__10. In a rollforward, the DBMS uses the log to reenter changes made to the database since the last save or backup.

__F__11. Gantt charts are less suited than PERT charts for planning and scheduling large, complex projects.

__T__12. The planning phase begins when the steering committee receives a project request.


Match the terms with their definitions.

__G__1. check digit

__H__2. data type

__I__3. feature creep

__A__4. file maintenance

__B__5. object

__F__6. object program

__C__7. primary key

__E__8. source program

__J__9. standards

__D__10. validation


  1. procedures that keep data current
  2. item that contains data, as well as the actions that read or process the data
  3. field that uniquely identifies each record in a file
  4. process of comparing data with a set of rules or values to determine if the data meets certain criteria
  5. language instructions, or code, to be converted to machine language
  6. machine language version of a program that results from compiling the procedural language
  7. number(s) or character(s) that is appended to or inserted in a primary key value
  8. specifies the kind of data a field can contain and how the field is used
  9. problem that occurs when one activity has led to another that was not planned originally, causing the project to grow in scope
  10. sets of rules and procedures an organization expects employees to accept and follow


Problem Solving


  1. No Search Results While searching a web database for a hotel room for an upcoming trip, a message is displayed stating that no search results match your criteria. What can you do to correct this problem?

Redefine the search and try again. The search was entered incorrectly.

  1. Incorrect Price You are shopping for groceries and, after loading all items in your cart, it is time to check out. The cashier scans your items, but you realize that the register is not reflecting an advertised discount on one of the items. Why might this be happening?

The database does not have the coupon loaded in there system correctly.

  1. Webpage Not Readable You are attempting to view a webpage on your smartphone, but the text is very small and you are having difficulty reading anything. It is extremely time consuming for you to zoom in and constantly scroll around the webpage to view the contents. What might be causing this?

The webpage is not mobile compatible. It does not have the resources necessary to handle the content.

  1. Inaccurate Credit Report You have obtained a free copy of your credit report and notice that multiple companies are accessing your credit report without your knowledge or permission. Your financial records are very important, and it is troubling that other companies are accessing this information. Why might this be occurring?

Your identity could have been compromised. The credit bureau could have been compromised as well.

  1. Webpage Script You are viewing a webpage and have just submitted an online form. The browser does not appear to do anything for about one minute, and an error message finally appears stating that a script on the page is taking longer than expected to run. What might be wrong?

A few things could be there could be a problem with the code. There could be a problem with the memory on your device. There could be to many people submitting forms at the same time.

Internet Research

Research This:

(a) Locate the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum website and view the information about the latest inductees. What is the total number of inductees? Which artists have been inducted more than once? Describe two upcoming events. Which classes are being offered in the Rock and Roll Night School?

Inductees 323

19 more than once



(b) Locate the Internet Movie Database website. Take the IMDb Internet Icon Quiz. What score did you earn? What are three movies opening this week? What is the top news story of the day?

Creed II (2018)

Robin Hood (2018)

Green Book (2018)

Julie Andrews to Voice Key Role in ‘Aquaman’