True/False††††††††† Mark T for True and F for False. If False, rewrite the statement so that it is True.

__F__1. The operating system, therefore, serves as the interface between the user, the applications and other programs, and the computerís or mobile deviceís hardware

__T__2. Enterprise and professional users employ cloud storage services to back up all of their files in case of disaster.

__F__3. Retail software is mass-produced, copyrighted software that meets the needs of a wide variety of users

__T__4. When downloading shareware, freeware, or public-domain software, it is good practice to seek websites with ratings for and reviews of products.

__T__5. Because they run in a browser, you always access the latest version of web apps.

__F__6. Using database software, you can add, change, and delete data in a database; sort and retrieve data

__T__7. Software suites offer three major advantages: lower cost, ease of use, and integration.

__T__8. A PDF file can be viewed and printed without the software that created the original document.

__F__9. Augmented reality app overlays information and digital content on top of physical objects or locations.

__T__10. Many routers also can function as a hardware firewall.

__F__11. Power management apps can enable power saving mode automatically when a deviceís battery runs low so that the battery will last longer until charged.

__F__12. Cookies are not considered spyware because website developers do not attempt to conceal the cookies.



Match the terms with their definitions.

__c__1. augmented reality

__g__2. CBT

__a__3. payload

__f__4. personal firewall

__h__5. phishing

__i__6. QR code

__J__7. quarantine

__b__8. shareware

__e__9. software as a service

__d__10. tools

















a. destructive event or prank a virus was created to deliver

b. copyrighted software that is distributed at no cost for a trial period

c. type of obile application that overlays media or other digital content over an image on the screen

d. program that enables you to perform maintenance-type tasks usually related to managing devices, media, and programs used by computers and mobile devices

e. computing environment where an Internet server hosts and deploys applications

f. security tool that detects and protects a personal computer and its data from unauthorized intrusions

g. type of education in which students learn by using and completing exercises with instructional software

h. scam in which a perpetrator sends an official looking email message that attempts to obtain personal and/or financial information

i. square-shaped graphic that represents a web address or other information

j. separate area of a hard drive that holds an infected file until the infection can be removed







1.       Antivirus Program not updating You are attempting to update your antivirus program with the latest virus definitions, but you receive an error message. What steps will you take to resolve this issue?


2.       operating system does not Load Each time you turn on your computer, the operating system attempts to load for approximately 30 seconds and then the computer restarts. You have tried multiple times to turn your computer off and on, but it keeps restarting when the operating system is trying to load. What are your next steps?


3.       Unwanted Programs When you displayed a list of programs installed on your computer so that you could uninstall one, you noticed several installed programs that you do not remember installing. Why might these programs be on your computer?


4.       News not updating Each morning, you run an app on your smartphone to view the news for the current day. For the past week, however, you notice that the news displayed in the app is out of date. In fact, the app now is displaying news that is nearly one week old. Why might the app not be updating? What are your next steps?


5.       Incompatible App You are using your Android tablet to browse for apps in the Google Play store. You found an app you want to download, but you are unable to download it because a message states it is with your device. Why might the app be incompatible with your device?



1.       Run an installation repair on the Anti-Virus. If that does not fix the issue then I would uninstall and reinstall the program.




2.       This can be a few reasons. The first it could mean the boat order is out of sequence or no OS found on the hard drive. Could mean that I piece of hardware has failed and would need to pin point which one.


3.       Could mean there is spyware installed by a third party. It could also mean it was installed when you installed a different program.



4.       May next steps is to go to the app settings and see if the update function is on.





5.       Some apps are made for Phones and some are made for tablets. When downloading it does not always say why it is not compatible it will when you try to run it.



Research This:

Visit Google sites and two other online content management systems for building web- sites. Compare these web apps by creating a table using these headings: Name, Number of Templates, Price, Maximum Storage, Customer Support, and Features. The Features column could include the availability of items such as customizable color schemes, e-commerce, drag and drop, website logs and analytics, and mobile editing. Which website builder would you choose if you were creating a website? Why?



Number of templates


Maximum Storage

Customer Support