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True/False††††††††† Mark T for True and F for False. If False, rewrite the statement so that it is True.

__T__1. The motherboard also is called a system board.

__F__2. A single-board computer often is less expensive than a traditional desktop computer.

__F__3. A dual-core processor does not doubles the processing speed of a single-core processor.

__F__4. In general, multi-core processors are more energy efficient than separate multiple processors.

__F__5. The real-time clock keeps track of the date and time in a computer.

__T__6. In cloud computing, the back end consists of the servers and storage devices that manage and store the resources accessed by users.

__F__7. In the binary system, the digit 0 represents the absence of an electronic charge.

__F__8. Most RAM is volatile.

__F__9. The processor interprets and executes a program or applicationís instructions while the program or application is in RAM.

__T__10. ROM chips also are called firmware.

__F__11. As with processors, manufacturers state the clock speed for a bus in Megahertz.

__T__12. The power supply converts the wall outlet AC power into DC power.


Match the terms with their definitions.

__C__1. ASCII

__J__2. bus width

__I__3. Chip

__B__4. control unit

__F__5. firmware

__H__6. IaaS

__D__7. motherboard

__A__8. registers

__E__9. transistor

__G__10. word size


  1. small, high-speed storage locations contained in a processor
  2. component of the computer that directs and coordinates most of the operations in the computer
  3. widely used coding scheme to represent a set of characters
  4. the main circuit board of the computer
  5. integrated circuit component that acts as an electronic switch that opens or closes the circuit for electrical charges
  6. ROM chips that contain permanently written data, instructions, or information
  7. determines the number of bits that the computer can transmit at one time
  8. the use of software to emulate hardware capabilities, enabling computers to scale, or adjust up or down, storage, processing power, or bandwidth as needed
  9. small piece of semiconducting materials, usually silicon, on which integrated circuits are etched
  10. number of bits the processor can interpret and execute at a given time



1.       No Matching Port Your uncle has given you a new monitor for your computer. When you attempt to connect it, you notice that none of the ports on the back of your computer is able to accept the connector at the end of the monitorís cable. What are your next steps?


Check to see if any ports on the back of the monitor match the back of the computer. If it does buy a cable with the matching ports. If it does not you can buy an adapter for the cable i.e.: HDMI to VGA


2.       Incompatible Power Adapter While using your laptop, you notice the battery life is running low. When you plug in the AC adapter that was included with the laptop, an error message is displayed stating that the AC adapter is incompatible. You unplug the AC adapter and plug it back in, but the same message keeps appearing. Why might this be happening?


The battery in the computer is no longer holding a charge or the computer came with the wrong charger.


3.       Nonworking Fan Each time you turn on your computer, you hear the noise generated by the fans in the system unit. Recently, however, you turned on the computer and noticed that the noise was not as loud and that the fan in the back of the system unit was not spinning. What are your next steps?


The system fan needs to be replaced. You can go to system diagnostics and ran an error check on the hard ware to find out the actual cause.


4.       Missing Smartphone You have just returned from the mall and seem to have forgotten your smartphone. You checked all over your house and your car, and it is nowhere to be found. What are your next steps?


Can the cell provider and ask them to lock your phone. Also ask for the location. Then call the police and give them the location.


5.       Low Battery Life You have had your laptop for more than one year and notice that your battery is losing its charge more quickly than normal. What are some ways you can conserve battery life so that your laptop does not lose its charge as quickly?


Turn the computer off frequently. Go to setting and put in low power mode. When finished with an application close it. Do not open more them one at a time.


Research This:

(a)    Visit StumbleUpon and two other bookmarking services. If necessary, sign in to these services and compare the features. How do users select the categories to view? What information is required to create a profile? What opportunities for feedback are provided? What procedure would users follow to delete their profiles and terminate their accounts?


StumbleUpon is now MIX. You select them at the beginning while signing up. You should select the most appropriate. The site asks you to sign in with Facebook, twitter, or google. To deactivate the account select Profile > Settings > Deactivate > the select the OK, Deactivate my account.