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True/False          Mark T for True and F for False. If False, rewrite the statement so that it is True.

__T___1. caps lock and num lock are two examples of toggle keys.

__T___2. Keylogging software runs undetected and stores every keystroke in a file for later retrieval.

__T___3. Wearable devices mainly rely upon touch input.

__F___4. A smaller frame rate results in a smaller file size for a video, but will not be a smoother playback.

__F___5. Optical character recognition (OCR) and optical mark recognition (OMR) are two technologies used by Optical readers.

__F___6. A magstripe reader reads the magnetic stripe on the back of credit cards, entertainment cards, bank cards, identification cards, and other similar cards

__T___7. LCD stands for liquid crystal display.

__T___8. In terms of response time, the lower the number, the faster the response time.

__F___9. Contrast ratio describes the difference in light intensity between the brightest white and darkest black that can be produced on a display

__T___10. A 3-D printer uses a process called additive manufacturing to create an object by adding material to a three-dimensional object, one horizontal layer at a time.

__F___11. Printer resolution is measured by the number of dots per inch a printer can print.

__T___12. A dye-sublimation printer uses heat to transfer colored dye to specially coated paper.


Match the terms with their definitions.

__G___1. command

__F___2. drone

__D___3. headset

__E___4. interactive whiteboard

__J___5. keyboard shortcut

__C___6. multi-touch

__I___7. scanner

__A___8. stylus

__B___9. touchpad

__H___10. voice recognition


  1. small metal or plastic device that looks like a tiny ink pen but uses pressure instead of ink
  2. small, flat, rectangular pointing device that is sensitive to pressure and motion
  3. touch screen capability of recognizing more than one point of contact at the same time
  4. device that functions as both headphones and a microphone
  5. touch-sensitive device that displays the image on a connected computer screen, usually via projector
  6. aircraft that operates by an onboard computer and GPS, a remote control device, and/or an app on a computer or mobile device
  7. instruction that causes a program or app to perform a specific action
  8. computer or mobile device’s capability of distinguishing spoken words
  9. light-sensing input device that reads printed text and graphics and then translates the result into a form the computer can process
  10. one or more keyboard keys that you press to perform an operating system or application-related task


Problem Solving.


1. Printer Problem You are attempting to print on a wireless printer from your laptop, but each time you click the Print button, you receive an error message that the printer is not connected. What are your next steps?

Check to see if the printer is plugged > Check to see if the printers WIFI is on > Check to see if the driver needs to be updated.

2. Projector Resolution Issue You are preparing for a meeting in your company’s conference room and have connected your laptop to the projector. When the projector displays the information from your laptop screen, the resolution drops significantly and not everything fits on the screen. What steps can you take to correct this problem?

Go to screen resolution on the desk top and change the settings to fit on the screen.

3. Fingerprints Not Recognized To increase security, your company now requires employees to sign in to their computer accounts using a fingerprint reader instead of entering a user name and password. This past weekend, you cut the finger you use to sign in, and your computer now does not recognize your fingerprint. As a result, you are unable to access your computer. What are your next steps?

You always what to add more than one fingerprint to the system. It is always a good thing to add two factor authentication and add a 3rd form in cases like this.

4. Access Denied Your Company uses security badges with embedded RFID tags to authenticate the rooms to which employees have access. This badge also grants employees access to the company’s parking lot. When arriving at work one morning, you wave your badge in front of the RFID reader, but the gate that allows access to the parking lot does not open. In addition, a red light blinks on the RFID reader. What are your next steps?

Contact the administrator of the card and either check the access of the card or get a replacement card.

5. Monitors Reversed You have two monitors on your desk at work: the monitor on the left is your primary monitor and displays the taskbar and the applications you currently are using, and you typically use the monitor on the right to display an email program. When you arrive at work and sign in to your Windows account, you realize that the monitor on the right is now the primary monitor. What might have happened?

The displays were physically swapped which threw off the display settings or the display settings were switched.

Internet Research

Research This: 

(a) Visit WebMD and two other health websites and describe the features of each. Which of the three is the most user-friendly? Why? Search for the difference between the flu and a cold. Describe the symptoms of each and the recommended foods to eat when you are suffering from either ailment.

I searched, and WebMD

The most user friendly is

The reason is because contact information, directory, menu, and search box are all on the top of the page.

The cold: Runny nose (clear and watery), Sneezing, Fatigue, Cough

Cold food recommendations: Chicken Soup, Garlic, Coconut Water, Hot Tea, Honey, Ginger, Spicy Food