HCH 10 Lab 1

The best 3 social media options for a food bank are:

Pros- allows potential outreach to over 1 billion users, business can advertise product and services, allows for an unlimited length for posts
Cons- so much traffic every day may cause food bank posts to be overlooked by users

Pros- allows business to instantly connect and engage customers, they can display ads for a small fee
Cons- limited character amount per post, need to pay a fee to create ads

Pros- provides a professional social media platform, allows the comparison of other similar organizations, allows for the connection of other professionals
Cons- large amounts of start up time to gain connections, limited amount of daily users

The food bank should use these options because they provide a wide array of outreach. From younger audiences of Twitter to more professional audiences through LinkedIn, the food bank will attract and reach a very large amount of audience members through these three social media platforms.