CH0 Introduction: Website Development and Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud

Lab 2: Website Hosting

CenturyLink versus Comcast in Minneapolis, MN:


CenturyLink provides speeds up to 12mb for where I live. The line is dedicated to my apartment, which means the speed will be consistent. However, if Iím located further away from the companyís central office I might see a reduction in speed. I also need a dedicated phone line for my internet (although I donít need to have an active home phone for this). CenturyLink tends to rate higher in customer satisfaction surveys as well. The price before modem and fees is $29.95 for one year.


Comcast offers speeds up to 105mb where I live. This line is shared between other connections in my apartment complex, so I may not see the actual promised speed. It also doesnít matter if I am close to the central office or not due to the usage of coaxial cables. The promotional price is $39.99 for 25mb, $44.99 for 50mb and $54.99 for 105mb before modem. (All of these include HBO Go.) They do not have any taxes according to the sales representative. Unfortunately, Comcast is notorious for their poor customer service. In fact, Comcast has even called itself out on this by announcing its desire to stop being the worst company in America (Source:


I would choose Comcast. While I am not a fan of their customer service (I had to deal with a rather sexist sales representative while negotiating pricing at our new apartment earlier this month), their speed is just too good to pass up. CenturyLink offers amazing rates, and itís easy to get a great deal with their retention department if needed. However, their faster speeds are isolated in select areas of the Twin Cities. Comcast is faster and more reliable where I live, so that is the main reason why I choose them over CenturyLink. I am also a huge Game of Thrones fan, so the HBO Go is a nice perk.