Chapter Nine

Max Werdin


1.      Define the required wattage for a UPS to be used with the following systems: a. Monitor: 2 amps; CPU: 3 amps; printer: 3 amps b. Monitor: 3 amps; CPU: 4 amps; printer: 3 amps c. Monitor: 3 amps; CPU: 4 amps; printer: 4 amps.

The required wattage are:

a. (2 * 120) + (3 * 120) + (3 * 120) = 960 watts

b. (3 * 120) + (4 * 120) + (3 * 120) = 1,200 watts

c. (3 * 120) + (4 * 120) + (4 * 120) = 1,320 watts

2. Search the Web for a UPS that provides the wattage necessary to run the systems described in Exercise 5 for at least 15 minutes during a power outage. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems combine a surge protector and a backup battery. Many vents draw between 200 and 400 watts of power. But to be safe, the power source should provide more than the specified wattage. If the necessary power isnít there, the device canít perform its vital job. Vent owners need to know the operating specifications for their particular unit when shopping around for backup power. A unit rated at 200 VA hours will support 800 watts for 15 minutes (a quarter-hour). Using this process, the minimum VA hour rating for UPS units that meet the requirement are:

a.       240 VA hours

b.      300 VA hours

c.       330 VA hours

Case Exercises:

1.     What security awareness measures, training documents, and posters had an impact on this event? First that came into play was her awareness when she noticed the man enter the building and move past the security guard following an accountant. Then the bulletin talking about ďtailgatersĒ came into play as she recognized thatís what the blonde man was doing. She did a great job of getting security involved asap and handled the situation well.

2.     Do you think that Amy should have done anything differently? What would you have done in her situation? I honestly donít think that anything could have been done any better than how she responded to the situation. She got security involved once she knew that there was a violation from the behavior of the blonde man.

Ethical Decision Making:

†Yes, just because she happens to know the man socially doesnít mean that he is free to be in secure areas. His intentions may be completely innocent but company policies are meant to be there for anyone and everyone, not just strangers.