1.      What are the purpose and goal of your website? What type of website will you develop?

It is a business type website, ex car dealership. The goal is to help customers either: contact the company by phone or email, answer questions through FAQ, provide info about product or service, show hours of operation, help display functionality of the company by having a functioning and easy to navigate website.


2.      Who is your target audience? For what purpose is the audience using your website?

Most likely by customers who want to learn more about the company/service/product after learning of the company’s existence from some form of marketing technique (ex: tv commercial).  


3.      Will you use responsive design to target various screen sizes?

Yes, various screen sizes can be used.


4.      What will you use to capture the attention of your target audience?

Easy to read text and simple layout. Menus are easily found and submenus have few links so the viewer is not overwhelmed upon seeing their choices. The Company’s logo and name are up top in front of a complementing background.


5.      What color(s) will you use to enhance your site? (Refer to Table 1-2 on page DW12)

Colors that will be used will most likely include blue and green. Try to add company’s colors in page if they are not too loud.


6.      How will text be arranged on your pages?

Name of the dealership will be at the top of the page.

The top left of the page will have a section dedicated to helping find the vehicle that the customer is looking for, ex: new or used, make, model, year, price range.

The FAQ text will be at the top, far right.

A list of the compatible vehicles will be displayed below this section.


7.      What types of images will you use within your site?

The site will have a display of the dealership on both the home page, and the contact info page.

Images will mostly consist of vehicles, and the main page will show special deals of the week, or limited sales price.


8.      How will your site accommodate people with disabilities?

The site could offer an ability to alter the color for people with difficulty seeing specific colors. (Mostly for text or background color.)


9.      Will you incorporate social networking within your planning model?

I would not offer any social networking, unless it was a facebook page for the company on the contact page.

No real need to have social networking for a car dealership otherwise.