Research three types of web programming languages in the development of a website not discussed in the chapter.

CSS- Cascading Style Sheets. This type of language is used for style purposes of a web page. It will work with HTML and JavaScript. Features include changing text colors, background color, fonts, and possible layout for the webpage. CSS can have its own page of code that can be link to the main code (HTML/JavaScript), which can make this simple in changing styling aspects for a web page.

JavaScript- JavaScript can be used within HTML to add some dynamics to the web page. Helps with things such as adding animations or moving objects within a web page. A plus for working with JavaScript is that when a website has been started, it doesn’t need any internet after that which can be handy. It is also easy to insert into code, however you will need to have internet access to make sure the code works for a particular website if changes were done with no internet access.

ActionScript- This type of language is used primarily for Adobe Flash applications. Similar to JavaScript it works well animations or dynamic aspects to a website. It also can be classified as working similarly as JavaScript, but multimedia and videos will probably be the best use for this type of language.