Site: Youtube

The website if fairly simple. There is a home button on the left side followed by common topics going down the left side of the website.

The main purpose of this website is entertainment, ex: movie trailers, music videos, commentaries, game reviews, and other goodies.

Other than the color white, the color red is one of the main focal points of this website. Using the color red here was probably meant to portray power, passion, love, and energy.

The typography of the website is good, everything is easy to read or find, and the search bar is at the top. Over all a well-developed website.

On the topic of responsive design, this website does well for smart phones in still having the search bar be easily accessible. The videos and text are still easy to read, and are still relatively easy to navigate when using smartphones.


Website: Wikipedia

This website is a lot busier in terms of text compared to youtube, however this is not necessarily bad.

The main purpose of this website is to give information to the viewer mostly by text, but there are a view videos sprinkled throughout the site.

The color is white/grey, which is nice if you are going to be looking at it for some time. Multiple colors might look good, but just having different tones of white/grey help add some depth to it.

The typography of the site is ok. Words within the site appear to be close together and one would assume that it would be hard to read.

However, it isnít too hard on the eyes. Sections are divided up based on topic and the use of more white space would mean a lot of scrolling for the viewer, and this would be annoying depending on the size of the font.

Responsive design is good too, because just recently the updated their mobile viewing for smartphones and tablets.

A tablet would probably be best because of the wider screen, but if the need is there you can access the website on your phone fairly well.