Nathan Magnuson

Chapter 4


2.) I would tell the CFO that I would look into it. I would go to the email server and make sure that the backups are safe and potentially make a copy of all emails within that 6 month period. Then I would get into contact with the authorities and my CEO about any illegal activity. I don’t think the CEO would be happy to learn that the CFO is giving private information about the company to an outside hedge fund.

6.) First, I would create a database that has no important information on it and put in place the same security features that are in place for the real database. I would have a white hat try to find flaws within the new database and record the findings on security flaws. After presenting the findings to my supervisors I have our security fill the holes and upload some patches to the database.

Facebook Troubles with User Privacy

1.)  I believe that if Facebook tells the users that a security setting that delivers a certain amount of protection is available then I believe that it should provide the protection described. Facebook also should tell the users in a clear manner if there are any changes to the security settings or what will happen to their information.

2.)  Users need to be aware that every time that they post something that it could be used for other companies, but that doesn’t mean that one post is a signal to everyone that the user is surrendering their entire privacy because they are on Facebook. Security measures should be made that only those selected to see it can.

3.)  Stolen Identity with large repercussions or being fired because company ‘thinks’ that a picture or post (that was private) is bad view for them.

Google Collects Unprotected Wireless Network Information

1.)  If an individual preformed some of the activities that companies have done, they would be fined or prosecuted and would be viewed as unethical. Companies seem to be able to get away with more than what individuals could do.

2.)  It could have tried to access the connections and to see what kinds of things were going over the network, and potentially identify locations of unprotected networks for later use. It could sell information gained for these networks

3.)  The accuracy is helpful for getting directions to places you have not been to, however it is a little concerning that if someone who wants to find has a bit of information on your address, they could probably find out where you live.