Chapter 5

Nathan Magnuson


1.)  I would tell the campaign manager that filing lawsuits against people would impact the campaign even more in a negative way. The people have the right to express their disapproval. However, if the letters are expressed in the way of a threat against the mayor then we would bring them to court.

4.) I would give my friend a positive response for trying to bring attention to discrimination. However, he/she should be prepared for anything that could happen if the company does find out it is them doing it. Also, consult a lawyer to see what their rights are in terms of defending themselves.


WikiLeaks Continues to Post Classified Material

1.   How Does The First Amendment Protect WikiLeaks From Prosecution?:

Simply put: it allows citizens freedom of the press and expression. The Amendments protects citizens against an overreaching government, and thus the First Amendment protects WikiLeaks.


2.)  If by Justified it means legal, then by US laws yes; however, if by ethical justification then another argument could be made that they endanger national security.


3.)  The entity that would impose sanctions of any kind would be the government, but because of the First Amendment there is no way the government can legally do such a thing.

Facebook, Freedom of Speech, Defamation, and Cyberbullying.

1.)  It is protected from liability because of the CDA protects site owners from liability of its content. It would also be impossible for Facebook to go over every single new piece of content added. I donít believe that Facebook is liable for anything that someone else placed on the site.


2.)  A studentís freedom might be affected by employers or Facebook itself. Employers may fire you are ask you to remove inappropriate content, and Facebook will remove content that it fines inappropriate/threating/cyberbullying or violates their clause/user agreement.


3.)  It would be hard to implement laws that dealt with cyberbullying. How far would you have to define cyberbullying and its punishments? How could law enforcement gather information and would law enforcement need victimís permission to launch an investigation? What would be the guidelines for distinguishing if something was cyberbullying? Many questions need to be answered before things can move forward.