Nathan Magnuson

Chapter 6


2.) I would create incentives that would have benefits for loyalty. Also, I would have all new executives sign a Nondisclosure clause that any knowledge about trade secrets are not to be shared with outside personal. If that agreement is broken, we can sue them and potentially the other company depending on the scenario. 

4.) I would do the research on my own and will not have them create it for me. I would do the best I could and would take the hit.

Alice Case Raises Concerns for the Future of IT Software Patents

1.)  An idea must be specific and not abstract to able to be protected by a patent. It also will help if the idea will generate millions. Pre-rolled advertisements themselves should be able to use by all users, and youtube should not have to worry about pre-roll in my opinion.

2.)  I can see how companies can be irritated by patent trolls because so of these accusations may be false and the patent tolls may be aware of this but will try and convince the courts that infringement occurred. However, I still support the idea of companies protecting their patents, but frown upon companies whose only goal is to attack other companies.

3.)  Patents will likely decrease innovation.

Rockstar Consortium-Beware the Patent Troll

1.)   Protect patents, gain addition revenue from suing companies, slow progression of target companies.

2.)  I believe that they should be held under review and see if there is any actions/services that are given to the founding companies. If this occurs, the company should be broken up or at least consolidated into the founding companies in the effort to protect other companies from attack.

3.)  In December of 2014, Rockstar Consortium agreed to sell its 4,000 patents to RPX for a price of $900 Million. Article (Wall Street Journal)