Nathan Magnuson

Chapter 7


2.) I would say that the ISO 9001 company would be a better pick because they focus on quality which is be good for customer satisfaction in products and they would have a better understanding of what would be successful. If the customers are happy with the software and are able to understand it, then the software will be a huge success. However, this wonít happen unless the software is committed to quality.

4.) I would recommend to management that we should put all of our effort into finding and fixing the two major problems. Perhaps bring in some more help from either an outside source or bring up people working on less important software to help. We could also potentially release a beta to few public sources for a week to help find and fix the problem. If we are not able to fix the problem within two weeks then I would purpose to extend the deadline based on the progress that was accomplished during the two weeks that we increased software support. When the main problems are solved, we will release the software. Then when the minor bugs are fixed, we issue a patch.


InterSystems Earns ISO 9001-2008 Certification

1.)  John Hopkins could be viewed as safety critical, because if the software fails and patients cannot be found or given proper care while they are having an episode/problem loss of life could happen.

2.)  Anything that is related to healthcare could be labeled as safety critical, depending on what topic/activity it employs within the field and if there is a back-up for it. Updates would need to happen on a regular basis, and the cost could potentially rise depending on the need of service.

3.)  The certification would be a good thing to have across the board to help have a basis of what to expect from all safety critical systems

Apple Guidelines for App Approval

1.)  Clear cut guidelines, like the example of draining battery life, should be the main screening for most applications. Otherwise if there are still a large amount of apps still on the table then yes extensive screening should occur. If unsure about a certain app, have trails with small groups of users to see if app is appropriate and if it fits into their lives.

2.)  Adobe Flash surrendered; Apple will now use HTML 5

3.)  The guidelines should have real world examples of what the company believes to be over the line and share that with the community. The developerís freedom of speech may not be defended based what is purposed and the fact that the developer is working on something for a company that they are an employee of.