Nathan Magnuson

Chapter 8


3.) I would not try to negotiate the price because the purpose of the price is for a good cause.

9.) I would ask if there were any other classes I would need to take overtime, and what equipment I would need at my home. Also, would I be the one paying for the equipment, are my hours determined by my availability or are they assigned?

Is the Tide Turning on Telework?

1.)  I believe that having happy employees is a key step in having a successful business and taking away large benefits would have employees begin to question if the company cares for them or just the business profits. Morals will go down, and I believe that what the company will gain in terms of potential productivity is offset by the changes that the employees will experience, and I feel that overall it will be worse than if they could just work at home.


2.)  I believe that if there is no real reason for an employee to have to be on-site, then why force them to be. It could be given as a perk for employees after a year or so of working with the company if they do a good job. I still think that there should be times that employees come to work in person for large company meetings to be able to discuss important topics.


3.)  Employees can work from home as long as they bide by rules/guidelines. Benefits include more time for work because of less commuting, more time with family, and employees can live far from company but still work for company. Company could have large meetings that employees must attend to make sure everyone is one he same page


Decision Support for Healthcare Diagnosis

1.)  Concerns come from the program potentially not have the right amount of information to make an accurate assessment of patient. The program could be used to narrow down potential problems and allow the doctor/nurse to quickly narrow down solutions


2.)  I believe that yes, this technology will be accessible very easily in the future because a network and support base will be established and in that time, more updates or better tech will be introduced in that time. Once it is integrated it will cost less, and also be a convince.


3.)  The reduction in cost could also come from the reduction in lawsuit fees if the diagnosis was wrong, so if it allows for better diagnosis of the patient it will reduce the cost to the hospital and community as a whole. Also, it could help with timeliness which could also help with time/money aspect.