Chapter 1:


Case Study

1.)  Google is its primary competitor because it views itself as more of a searching site than something that will be shared with other people/friends like how Facebook operates.

2.)  Because Pinterest realizes how important the mobile/smartphone movement really is, and many of its users are proving that to them. Apps and being able to purchase right from your phone where ever you are is something that Pinterest is taking advantage of.

3.)  Due to what can be uploaded and that at some points the product/item does not meet the terms and service agreement of their own site could cause some issues. The example given was using someone elseís photos without their permission.



1.) E-business deals more with distributors and suppliers whereas E-commerce deals more with consumers and customers. There are sites that allow customers to buy/sell to other people which is where you can have some overlap of the two.

5.) As it states it is universal and can make it easier to see when something that doesnít meet the standard is used. It also doesnít allow anyone to have a large upper hand on their competitors. Those who use the universal standard must be more creative in who to legally be better than their competitors which can help breed creativity in a company.

10.) E-commerce has a few large companies that have changed who e-commerce is done and how to target potential customers. Amazon for instance has had a large impact on what we can expect, or turn to, in the event that we, as customers, want to shop on-line. Other technologies that have changed e-commerce is logistics and vehicle transportation. While these may have existed for a while, software that plots out the best course has changed the speed at which packages can arrive; which also helps with Amazonís Prime 2 Day shipping.

15.) Early e-commerce didnít have a lot of success early on because no one really knew what they were doing, and the internet has only been around for so long. They also had to deal with the traditional brick and mortar locations. However, e-commerce was able to evolve quickly and learn from their mistakes.



Company: Amazon

They are very well known and have ads on google that will usually make them the first choice for any product that they support/have. Being one of the top searches for google, being on the internet in general, and having multiple shipping options, allow for global reach. Amazon is very interactive allowing moving ads or suggest, reading of other customersí reviews of products, and being able to supply support. Amazon itself is unique and can potentially allow customers access to very unique/personal products, and as mentioned before suggest the user items similar to other purchases that the site thinks the user will like. Amazon is also mobile friendly, with its own app and ability to purchase items directly from your phone.