Chapter 3


Case Study 180     

1.)  It disperses its servers to provide better service and less latency by offering less points that information needs to go through. They gave an example of having servers in New York for people around the area while offering the same service to people from San Francisco on a San Francisco server.


1.) What are the three basic building blocks of the internet?

Packet switching, TCP/IP Protocol, and client/server computing

5.) What technological innovation made client/server computing possible?

The Ethernet was one of the main technological advancements that allowed the client/server to be possible.

10.) What is the goal of the internet2 project?

The goal is to achieve ultra-high speed networks that has a better structure/framework than older generations

15.) What are the basic capabilities of a web server?

The basic capabilities of a server include takes like storing files or information, operations of software applications, and access to devices such as printers, scanners, and other office related equipment.

20.) Why are mobile apps the next big thing?

Mobile applications are the next big thing because the mobile environment is growing very fast and many apps can do what a PC can do, but with the added benefit of doing it anywhere at any time.


5.) The Internet of Things can be anything related to a mobile device and has a sensor of some type. A tablet with sensors that performs tasks that a user requests. Internet of Things also commonly will involve search engines and applications, google is a large search engine that has its own web browser: google chrome.