Case Study

What are some of the limitations of Apple Pay that might prevent its widespread adoption?: Firstly, customers must have an Apple iphone/watch in order for a customer to be able to use Apple Pay. Then, the business or service that the customer wishes to purchase from must have the sensor to register the Apple Pay device. If businesses are not up to speed with technology then Apple Pay will have multiple holes in its distribution of the payment method. Android will have some form of this payment method too which will create competition for Apple but at the same time creating a larger demand for sensor based payment methods.


1: Ebay could be a good example of people selling false items, or no items, to get easy money; the reason is that you could take a picture of an item that you will supposedly be selling and send some knock off item in its place. Other scams may involve the customer giving gift codes/prepaid cards directly to the ‘seller’ and never getting their product while the criminals use the code that was given to them for their own benefit. Customers should use codes/paypal for themselves and go to dependable sites such as Amazon to purchase items safely.

5: If a site is not secure a screen overlay could register codes or credit card information that it will store and use. Also, each point of information travel could be a vulnerability that someone could try to exploit.

10: Key encryption allows the customer to safely transport their payment information to the business that they wish to purchase from. Unique codes can be generated for each customer and allows the information to be opened only by the business to the key or the customer thanks to the key encryption.

15: The disadvantages of credits cards for customers include: the fact that the customer must have a credit card to begin with in order to purchase certain items on-line, if credit card information is stolen then the criminal could charge a lot to the customer and then the customer must report and provide proof that they were not the ones using the credit card.

20: Electronic billing such as Apple and Android have the same types of requirements need for it to work, such as the device the software it works on and a business that can take NFC pairing . Billing will most likely be similar depend on the customer’s set up, but the rates and financial aspects could change depending on banks and the company that you go through.

Project: If I had an e-commerce site, signs that I had been hacked could be DOS attack occurred/traffic speeds are considerably slower, high influx of customer complaints on product purchase confirmation, customer information is incomplete, and accounts are no longer accessible. Damages include: loss of sales and money, damage to reputation/reliability, potential physical damage to servers/equipment depending on attack, and need to invest a large amount of money to recover lost information, equipment, and customer trust.