Case Study 412

I believe that search engine marketing will be more successful than clickstream. One reason is that clickstream has been used a lot and there isnít much to show for it because it has a high chance of not coming up with an interest just based off of clickstreams. However, a search engine based marketing could do much better based off of the users unique searches and the ability to track their current train of thought better than clickstream which will lead to ads being displayed that are more relevant to the user.


1.) With the ability to have phones, tablets and computers everywhere you go, the internet will continued to be used and offer the growing population of the world plenty of opportunities to be part of the internet.

5.) It uses multiple points of information to gather a definitive result about the user. Area location, past search history, current trends within location, and other points of information are gathered and determine what ads will be shown to the user.

10.) Banner ads fell to a very low interest rate of about 0.03% and didnít offer companies any real type of help with advertisement. This caused the price of banner ad types to be mere cents and didnít even try to target the correct demographic of users; if it targeted anyone at all.

15.) Being able to effectively use advertising dollars in online ads will only go so far, and the rest of the total advertising market is spread out to reach customers in other ways. The reason is that companies reach a point to were the amount of quality advertisement they can get per dollar drops off after a certain point in online advertising and thus they must find additional points of advertising to try and reach potential customers.

20.) It is advertising analysist that is used to determine the best course of action in advertising platforms and using Big Data resources to help focus on the which techniques will be most successful and who will be the best people to target for a certain type of product.


I have noticed that after searching heavily for a vehicle in a certain price category and within a particular area that Facebook will have ads based off of the sites that I used to search for a vehicle. The ads falls into the same pricing that I was looking for and in the general area that I was searching in too. This is something that I have noticed before and for me personally makes want to do more research for a car. I would say that this type of ad would not be very effective if I just bought a car and the ads continued on for a time. However, other products or services that could be purchased/used multiple times could be offered using the same type of advertising and probably have a better outcome.