Case Study


2.) Social media at the time of The Exchange becoming reality social media was just becoming a thing, and media outlets like YouTube and Facebook helped to show off what The Exchange had. It allowed people to get notifications and updates with the added benefit of being free for both parties. Facebook was there largest success, but all of the social media sites helped customers get insight about the company.


1.) Social media can be view on mobile devices and the service is essential free and the information on the sites can adapt better than traditional marketing.

5.) YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

10.) Twitter does well in allowing users to follow The Exchange and for The Exchange to reply back to questions from customers and interested parties

15.) I would think that Amazon would be one of the biggest e-commerce growing platforms on mobile devices. Apple itself could be one of the largest by itself too.

20.) Geo-Fencing is a nice location based marketing tool that allows businesses to set certain locations as target areas. When a mobile devices gets within that target area, the ads on the phone will include information on that company. Once the device leaves that area, it will no longer receive ads or information on that company.



On my Facebook page I have had sites that I visit multiple times, like car buying websites, appear on my screen. These ads will even have closely related products or items off that site; sometimes I will even get search results that I looked up at a previous time, and in the case of looking for a car I was given the new reduced price and location.