From: Nathan J. Nelson

To: Dr. Tucker, Shin-Ping

Subject: Homework 1

                                    24 January 2019

1.      Employers typically focus on two areas in reviewing job candidates-experience and knowledge. As a member of an organizational HR Group, you have been thinking about how the recruiting process could be modified to include character as a third area of review. Candidates would be screened based on their honesty, integrity, and courage to do what is right. You have a meeting with your immediate manager coming up and wonder if you should broach the subject with them. If so, you need to be prepared to explain why you think this is an important and be ready to offer examples of how such a program would be implemented.

The hesitation shouldn’t even be present. A lot of companies today implement a survey whereby they can judge character and honesty. By implementing character model into the hiring process, you can get a feel for the prospective employees’ character before they start. These are generally accomplished through 100+ surveys, whereby an applicant goes through a multiple-choice list and responds to the questions on how they feel or act. By varying the wording of some questions, using words like; always, never, and sometimes, you can quickly gauge someone’s character. For example; you ask a question about meat. “Do you always eat hamburger” Yes or No, which is then later followed up by “Do you like hamburger” or “You never eat hamburger”. Clearly if you answer yes to the first, the final question can be now. By implementing small variations, you can get a feel of whether they are paying attention or perhaps lying.

2.      You are currently being considered for a major promotion within your company to vice president of marketing. In your current position as manager of advertising you supervise five manager and two hourly workers. As part of the salary review process, you have been given the flexibility to grant your employees an average 3% annual increase, however, you are strongly considering lowering that amount. This would ensure that your departments expenses stay under budget and would send the message that you are able to control costs. What factors do you need to consider in making this decision? How do you proceed?

Some of the factors that may need to be considered, but are not limited to; how does this action impact the employees of the marketing department, what will the reaction be to losing an annual bonus, will this cause the department productivity to drop, are there other expenses that could be cut to ensure the department is saving money and the that employees are still taken care of? Personally, I would proceed by cutting unnecessary expenditures and still being able to reward those workers that produce for the company.


Critical thinking 1

Do you accept the explanation for the emission scandal at VW? Why or why not?

To make the claim that upper management didn’t know what was going on their company is like stating that a teacher doesn’t know what is going on their classroom. Furthermore, as long as the engineers put forth a product on time, where a solution to bypass or fool existing testing methods went undetected. If you don’t know what is going on in your own company, then you don’t deserve to be in charge. Furthermore, as I make the claim that they did know, they knowingly fostered a hostile work environment, allowing for a cutthroat atmosphere to be in place.

With the forced resignations of the CEO and board members, the staff need to act quickly and decisively to regain employee, community, and stockholder trust. There needs to be a checks and balance system, whistle blower program, ethics officer, and mission statement. This latter’s statement needs to include that hostility and unethical behavior will not be tolerated and will be dealt with harshly. has stated that Bosch knowingly took part in the development process of the emissions cheating software, if such accusations are true, they should be held to some of the same repercussions as VW. You knowingly designed a product to fool government mandated testing, so that your product would pass said testing. You manipulated the system, deceived your shareholders, and lost public trust.

Critical thinking 2

Should the investigation continue until all parties involved are outed or punished?

In order to send a clear and concise message within the company, any and all individuals that are found to be guilty of violating the company’s policies, procedures, and code of ethics need to be punish or handled at some level. To not address the situation, allows the negative behavior to continue as others will view the company as week, or tolerant of negative practices.

Outside panels are can be more impartial, however, having panel members that are directly responsible to the company, their employees, and shareholders makes the inquiry appear to be more valid or carry more weight. I do not have a better recommendation on how to implement this.

Look at companies across the globe that have set policies in place that are noted for their high ethical and moral standards and attempt to implement these standards. By showing that you care about your community, you show your investors that you are looking out for not only your product, but all those that assist in the product going to market at each level. Consistency is key here.