Nick Pond

 ITS 360 Ethics in IT

Chapter One

Chapter 1

Chapter Two

Chapter 2

Chapter Three

Chapter 3

Chapter Four

Chapter 4

Chapter Five

Chapter 5

Chapter Six

Chapter 6

Chapter Seven

Chapter 7

Chapter Eight

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Chapter Nine

Chapter 9

Chapter Ten

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Social Media Censorship

Final Project

Social Media Censorship


CH0 Introduction: Website Development and Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud

(Apply 1-1_Pond_Nicholas.html)

(Extend 1-1_Pond_Nicholas.html)


HCH1 Creating a Website with Dreamweaver




CH1 Introduction to HTML, XHTML, and CSS

HCH2 Creating a Template for a Mobile Website Using Responsive Design

CH2 Rock Climbing Fun

HCH3 Creating Web Pages with Links, Images, and Embedded Style Sheets

CH3 Underwater Tours

Exam 1

Apply 2-1solution.html

HCH4 Creating Tables in a Web Site Using an External Style Sheet

Oceanside Resort

HCH5 Creating an Image Map

Tahanna Tourism

HCH6 Creating a Form on a Web page

Bluwav Music

HCH7 Using Advanced Cascading Style Sheets

Jared Adam Adventure Travel

HCH8 Adding Multimedia Content to Webpages


HCH9 Integrating Javascript and XHTML

Bridal Expo

HCH10 Creating Pop-up Windows, Adding Scrolling Messages, and Validating Forms

Shoreline State Bank

HCH11 Using the Document Object Model to Enhance Web Pages

Hickory Oaks

HCH12 Creating and Using XML Documents

Calumet Restaurant

HCH13 Attracting Visitors to your Website

Oceanside Finished

HCH14 Converting Frames to your Website



WCH1 Creating an Expression Web Site

Boon Mountain Resort

WCH2 Working with Images and Links

Boon Mountain Resort(Finished)

WCH3 Working with Templates and Styles

About Mary

WCH4 Working with Images and Links


WCH5 Working with Data Tables and Inline Frames

The Upper Cut

WCH6 Adding Interactivity


WCH7 Working with Forms

Wisteria Form

Exam 2

Course Evaluation Form

WCH8 Building a Web Site with CSS-Based Templates

Clementine’s Juice Bar

WCH9 Testing and Publishing Your Web Site

Juice Bar Finished

WCH10 Feature: Web Design Basics

Site Evaluation

WCH11 Feature: E-Commerce

Planning an E-Commerce Site

WCH12 Marketing and Maintaining a Website

Market Evaluation

Service Learning Project


Exam 3

Dog Tricks


ITS 364 Digital Multimedia

Final Project

Final Video

 ITS 499 Capstone

Capstone Project

Capstone Video Youtube Link