Website Questions

Nick Pond

ITS 335

1)      My primary goal and purpose of this website will be to show the technological advancements that the world is developing for the future.  In my website I will develop a showcase of the new technologies that we are seeing as of today.


2)      My target audience are those that seek information on new technology that is always changing in the world.  It will help them find the information that they need.


3)      I will use a specific design that will accommodate various screen sizes for computers.


4)      I will use certain displays on my website that will draw the attention of those who view it.


5)      I will use blue to show that my website is trustworthy and that I can get the most accurate information as well as white so the website looks nice and organized.


6)      The text I will be using is a unique font that will help draw in the attention of the audience as well as being easy to read.


7)      I will be using the images of the new technologies in a basic format for pictures.


8)      I will insure that it makes the options very accessible to many various types of disabilities to accommodate them.


9)      I will not be incorporating social media into my website.