Human Impacts


Positive Involvement with Virtual Reality

The concept of virtual reality has allowed for many unique innovations that could see the light of day in our society in the future. It is a unique way for people to experience new things in a virtual world as well as having benefits for those that have strenuus real time jobs and need practice without the risks.

Many innovators have helped make Virtual Reality a great thing that can be implemented into todays lifestyle. Ivan Sutherland helped make the VR headset an icon for the technology. Jaron Lanier helped to make the term Virtual Reality come into the tehnology Industry and increase its awareness in todays society.

The ways that it can benefit those with jobs that require an advanced amount of skill are immeasurable. It will be able to benefit those who have to practice with these jobs without the risk of doing it in real life such as with aviation and surgical procedures. This setting allows for much better improvement because of the knowledge that there is no harm in making mistakes.

It will be the next big step in social interaction. Families will be able to skype or talk to eachother in person witht he advancement of this technology even if they are far away. This will also help the social media aspect due to social media being such a growing factor in todays society.

Negative Involvement with Virtual Reality

An issue that will arise due to the evolution of this technology is that there will always be a steep learning curve for its true potential as well as for those who are new to it.

Scott Stein who is a writer for CNET has mentioned the fact that Virtual Reality can be dangerous due to the fact that the user can get so immersed into the virtual world, that they might not realize what their surroundings are in the real world. This could cause someone to trip or slip on objects in their home that they might not realize are there at the time.

Scott also mentions that Virtual Reality tends to induce motion sickness and even though as VR improves, motion sickness can still be an issue.