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Since the early 1950s, the concept of virtual reality has been a major advancement of technology over time. It has been used for different simulations that the military use today as well as a way of using software to bring images, motion video, and full motion environments into reality. A lot of the time, this gets used for entertainment purposes such as with a video game or a motion picture. However, there are many practical uses for this ever-growing technology.

In the past, virtual technology was more inclined toward the use of making images seem holographic such as with the view mast which gave the illusion of a picture being in 3-D. This was eventually developed into some arcade systems which used vector graphics to simulate graphics that would pop out towards the gamer. These used reflection based on the glass that was used to show that images would pop out based on the location of the images.

One of the main aspects to Virtual Reality is the fact that it can provide a simulation in which to help train individuals or as an education resource without the actual negatives towards doing them in real life. It is primarily used for pilots in the airforce as training simulations so that they can learn all the routines of flying in a safe environment. NASA also uses simulations to train for space travel as well as the mechanics of how the space shuttle work in action. Another unique way that they can benefit is for medical purposes. Many medical students use simulations for surgeries and various medical procedures as it eliminates the risks of performing surgery on a real patient. Medical students who use virtual simulations often have better dexterity and performance in real time surgeries than those who do not.

Due to these numerous ways that virtual reality can be implemented, there is limitless amounts of things that come from this advancing technology. Virtual reality could drastically effect how daily life lays out in the future based on the fact that there are limitless possibilities to the software that could get designed to be portrayed. Experts believe that the future of virtual reality is optimistic and that over one third of the U.S. population will have a virtual reality headset in their home by 2018. It will become a big aspect towards technological advancements in the future.

Overall, Virtual technology can be implemented into many of the current age careers as well as the aspects of daily life. It will benefit how people get trained in to jobs that require very precise and expert level knowledge as well as in a safer environment without the risks. Even though there can be some drawbacks due to mental and physical health concerns, it can become a safer technology through more research. Virtual reality will only grow as technology and time moves on and will become a major factor into how things pan out into the future.