Nick Pond

ITS 360


Chapter 8

What would you do?

1)      I would say that the more tests done on the robots, the better the outcome will be.  Especially with technology growing as the year go by, the importance of testing and ensuring hardware is safe and efficient is even more important.

2)      I would personally do my research online and with the clinic in Rochester to ensure that the facts are true. Then I would ask to see if it would be possible to coalesce the research with your physician and see why there aren’t any breakthroughs with the clinic that your physician is working with.


Health Connect:

1)      With the increase in technology comes an increase in reliability and a new maintenance system that must be in check.  The health connect system would help decrease expenditures with work payloads as well as a benefit for correct diagnostics and data.

2)      I would say it is a wise investment since you could use the money saved from paying workers for other advancements in the company and that payments to workers would be reduced because of a decreased workforce.

3)      If Kaiser has the documentation saying that they own the rights to this breakthrough, there is nothing to worry about when giving this data to other companies because it is protected legally and will benefit everyone.

Healthcare Diagnosis:

1)      You are giving a lot of power to a supercomputer and even though it is a supercomputer, it is still a newer technology and take a lot of maintenance to run properly.  If there would be routine checks on the system as well as routine maintenance, there wouldn’t be too much of an issue.

2)      I feel that in this day in age, people are getting smarter with technology as there are advancements in technology.  There wouldn’t be too much of a struggle for technicians to figure it out and modify the technology.

3)      It reduces labor costs which can save the company a lot of money because they could put their time and effort into increasing the technology to be even better in the future.