Nick Pond

ITS 360


Chapter 9

What would you do?

1)      I would ask why for starters and be sure that it is just an informative use and that they wouldn’t be on there looking all the time.  If it’s only related to the job interview, then I wouldn’t have a problem since there wouldn’t be anything wrong with the account.

2)      I would say that the coworker shouldn’t be considering other people’s business and that they should’ve talked with this individual before going to extreme measures and find out what happened.



Proctor and Gamble:

1)      I would say that the number of people who view the product would say more about how popular the campaign runs.  The amount of money shows who is interested enough to buy it, but the number of people who view it increase the chance of buyers with more and more views.

2)      Social network advertising is more well known by a wide variety of consumers than a soap opera which brings in more profits.

3)      Subject matter, Age range, view amount, price per view, ending tallies.


1)      I don’t approve because it comes off as annoying that Facebook does this without the user’s knowledge.  The user should know and have a choice in what features they want.

2)      It could put people in certain photos or videos that they don’t want to be tagged in and they can’t do anything about it.

3)      Sometimes, only to tag close friends in appropriate subject matter that wouldn’t be negative towards anyone.